Heal to Thrive


Starting a healthy lifestyle with the intention of healing yourself is the most difficult thing to do. Especially when you have friends and family members that don’t follow the same nutritional plan you follow. But as my mother would tell me when I was little, “if your friends jump off a cliff are you jumping after them”!

In other words, think about yourself first before anyone else.   You are your number one priority and that’s all that matters.   You can’t thrive in life nor take care of your loved ones if you don’t feel well.  In 2020 I was diagnosed with toxicity, chronic viruses, chronic fatigue, and low thyroid. Making my immune system compromise. Despite the COVID fear we all faced in 2020, I stayed positive, in fact not once did I think I had a weak immune system nor that I was prone to getting the virus. I focused on one thing only and that was to gain my health back!

Where do you even begin when you don’t feel yourself? Many people get misdiagnosed or it takes them years to finally find the cause of their medical problem. Because I see this a lot, I decided to take a holistic approach instead of conventional medicine. I chose a doctor that would take the time to listen and cared about healing me instead of putting a Band-Aid on.

I’ve learned so much about health, holistic treatments, nutrients, healing emotions, and meditation within the past 6 months that I am so excited to keep sharing with you! Take charge of your health, remember that a healing journey begins with a positive mindset.

One thought on “Heal to Thrive

  1. This is so true and what an amazing post. My journey to health started in my 20’s from always feeling sick. It was nutrition, yoga mindfulness and great people in my life to support me that has changed everything. Life long journey friend.


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